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YES!  You too can get your home entered into the MLS!

Our For Sale by Owner Service

For Sale by Owner PDF

To help set you up for Success, we'll provide you a PDF guide to help you prepare to sell your home.

Sellers Dashboard

The Sellers Dashboard is where you would upload your pictures, enter in property description, room sizes, and review Offers when they are submitted.

Offer Automation

When buyers submit offers, they submit via an offer portal that shows up in your Sellers Dashboard.  You'll be able to compare offers and decide if you want to accept, our counter 1 or all.  You'll also have the ability to call for highest and best if you find yourself in a multiple offer situation.

Yard Sign

It's important for your home to be visibly known it's for sale.  We'll provide you a yard sign to put in your yard. 

Host an Open House

We'll schedule an open house and help provide more visibility

Multiple Cash Offers to Chose from

We'll provide you with cash offers from our large network of buyers.  Hopefully one of the offers will be the perfect for you.

We'll advertise for you

We'll advertise for you

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Zillow

We'll give you PDFs to hand to potential buyers.

These PDFs enhance your ability to impress your buyer.

  • 1 PDF will be a brochure providing vital information about your home.
  • 1 PDF will be a preferred lender.  It's important to know the quality of lender your buyer is trying to use.  There's nothing worse for a seller then to have a contract fail 3 to 4 weeks later because of a bad loan.
  • 1 PDF will provide Title Company information.  I'm sure you've visited a restaurant and received great service 1 day and terrible service the next.  Don't leave it to chance and let the buyer or buyer's agent chose a title company.  

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